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Hoosier Cabinet Parts

Hoosier Hardware

We not only provide a complete line of restoration hardware for antiques, we are manufacturers of the many Hoosier Cabinet parts you see for sale on the web. The flour bins and bread drawers are manufactured on the same machines that originally produced these parts in the early 1900's.


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Antique Furniture Hardware

Are you looking to replace the hardware on that old dresser or antique desk that is a family heirloom? We can supply all of your antique furniture hardware needs. We can even age your new hardware to look as if it was old and original to your antiques.


Replacement Hardware Examples

Skeleton Keys
Cupboard Latches
Waterfall Hardware

Chemicals & ToolsRestoration Supplies

Whether it is a chemical to age your hardware or a specialty tool to remove old caning spline we can supply your needs


Gingerbread Appliques

Oak Gingerbread Appliques

There is no better way to dress up an old oak bed headboard or a custom made fireplace mantle than with our oak gingerbread appliques.


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